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“PRA has exceeded our expectations in terms of growth and positive outcomes through aligning the incentives of various groups around the state. As the largest group in Florida, the sky is the limit for future success.”

Jeff Younger, MHA, FACHE, FRBMA
Chief Executive Officer
Preferred Radiology Alliance, PLLC

“Preferred Radiology Alliance is the only option that allows Radiology Groups to strengthen their strategic position without losing control to a for-profit third party.”

Steven Miles, MD, FACR
Radiology Imaging Associates
Daytona Beach, FL

“PRA’s structure allows radiology groups to work together without the necessity of being owned by an impersonal corporate entity. It preserves autonomy and independence while allowing groups to pool resources to become more effective, leading to a larger market share and a more competitive position.”

Al Falco, MBA, FRBMA
CEO, Radiology Imaging Associates
Daytona Beach, FL

“Mandates of The Affordable Care Act are requiring increased collaboration . . . Preferred Radiology Alliance allows groups to integrate and form one operating group without having to merge the assets.”

Lloyd Logue, DO
President, Bay Radiology
Panama City, FL

“PRA’s unique setup allows each group to have one seat on the board, which will help determine those services we offer and how we offer them. We have input into shaping our future, without having to necessarily merge our assets.”

Paul Swartz, MD
President, SDI Diagnostic Imaging
Tampa, FL

“A lot of groups want to merge and become larger, but they don’t want to give up their unique imaging center or teleradiology company. PRA allows us to do that and take all the revenue from it.”

Caleb Rivera, MD
CEO, Radiology Associates
Ocala, FL

“Groups share services, read for each other, and work together on billing and practice management. They can focus on best practices that govern subspecialty reads and teleradiology, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.”

Bret Henricks, MD
President, Radiology and Imaging Specialists
Lakeland, FL

Preferred Radiology Alliance


PRA was developed by a group of radiologists to give radiology groups an alternative to being acquired by larger national companies or forced into merger situations due to lack of infrastructure. We believe in preserving the private practice of radiology. Together, radiology groups can build a bright future by working together.

Your Private Practice should be that...


Privately controlled and practiced by you. We can work with you to create best practices and fresh solutions, all with the benefits of a large group without giving up your independence.